Defence – Land Systems

The British Army fleet of tracked and wheeled vehicles is a long term investment for UK Defence.  There is a continuing need to provide innovative through life support solutions as well as technical upgrades and cost efficient obsolescence management.  Many of the competencies to carry out this work are inherent within SMEs in the UK, yet they struggle to get traction when the contracts are let.

Deep experience in this sector within KCD Resources, and its well-chosen Associates, will ensure advice for support solutions, approaches to new business, and targeted approaches to leading industry decision makers are available to you.

Chiming with the push by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills to champion the SMEs through a number of new initiatives, KCD Resources uses the cross sector knowledge that it holds to link SME business to the need in the Primes / OEMs.

Motorsport to Defence – M2D

The Motorsport Sector at £9Bn is only just under half the size of the Defence sector in UK and has a set of skills and an approach that provide a tangible benefit to the Defence sector.  The MIA’s Motorsport to Defence initiative was created in 2007 to help motorsport companies engage with the defence industry and maximise the business opportunities which existed between them.  Since its inception the key has been to look for synergy between the two sectors.  Fully endorsed at ministerial level, the initiative majors on the skills that Motorsport sector possess, and focusses on the introduction of those skills to the Defence and wider sectors.

A few key Motorsport strengths stand out:

  • operating with cutting edge materials for both lightness and strength – a higher than average spend on R&D underpinning this;
  • the strong drive to develop low power options to reduce fuel needs and parasitic weight off platforms;
  • the ability to develop prototypes rapidly from TRL4-7, a capability that many large Defence Primes have cost reduced from their in house capability;
  • capability to provide volumes that are in the high hundreds / low thousands rather than the much higher automotive ones;
  • and finally the clear understanding that speed of production, linked to the right first time ethos – so ably demonstrated in the success of these companies in assisting in the delivery of Urgent Operational Requirements for the war in Afghanistan.

KCD Resources is perfectly positioned, with Nick Wills having been a founder member of M2D to help both SMEs and primes in both sectors.