As part of the KCD Resources model we are linked to a number of like-minded organisations that provide the resources to deliver across the security and defence spectrum.  Accessing this unique grouping is possible through targeted teaming once the challenge is proposed and understood.

svgcSVGC Limited is an independent company founded in 1997 to provide support to Government and Industry, originally within the Defence sector, particularly in support of Through Life Capability Management (TLCM) and latterly Generic Capability Management (GCM). The Company has helped to evolve SMART acquisition from the Acquisition Management System into the Acquisition Operating Framework (AOF) currently employed by MoD.

miaMotorsport Industry Association.  MIA – the Unbeatable Global Business Network for Motorsport and High Performance Engineering.  As a worldwide association, the MIA now provides a network that reaches into every corner of the motorsport business community. Our community of members spans the whole spectrum of international motorsport business, from the largest companies to the smallest private firms.

lutra a-zLutra Associates Ltd,  A group of associates with skills in many disciplines and with knowledge of and contacts within most if not all areas of defence and security, Lutra Associates provide skills, resources and capability across the A-Z of defence.   The people involved have a depth of knowledge and range of experience and contacts that allow them to give practical advice, carry out studies, assist with business development and marketing and make life simpler for the hard pressed defence and security official, executive or project manager.

brown-fox-consulting-logoBlack Fox Consulting Ltd, Providing  services and support that add value and give a competitive advantage.  Black Fox Consulting offers specialist advice on military acquisition and support processes, product design and development, technical support and advice.